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The Cibeles fountain is located in the Spanish city of Madrid, in the square of the same name. It was installed in 1782 at the Salon del Prado, next to the Palacio de Buenavista, facing the Fountain of Neptune. It includes the goddess Cybele, the symbol of earth, agriculture and fertility, on a chariot pulled by lions. The present square was called Plaza de Madrid at the beginning and in 1900 took the name Castelar Square. Today is bounded by large buildings Buenavista Palace (Army Headquarters), Linares Palace (America House), Communications Palace (Madrid City Hall) and Bank of Spain. The funny thing is that each of these monuments belongs to a different neighborhood of Madrid.

Those responsible for its implementation were Francisco Gutiérrez (figure of the goddess and the car), Roberto Michel (lions) and adornista Miguel Ximenez, according to the design of Ventura Rodríguez. The goddess and the lions were sculpted in marble from the village of Montesclaros (Toledo), and the remainder in stone Redueña, near the mountain village of La Cabrera.

Being located in a very central, its eventful history, even recent traditions instead of sport celebrations of the triumphs of Real Madrid in all competitions have helped make it one of the best known symbols of Madrid worldwide.




Carlos III heavily influenced by the Ilustracción, undertakes a series of urban reforms in Madrid (street lighting, street paving, etc.). These reforms of the capital also acquire an aesthetic relevance. The aim is to place Madrid, the aesthetic level of European cities like Paris or St. Petersburg. In this plan facelift other emblematic projects such as the Puerta de Alcala or the Neptune Fountain are included.




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