The Crypt at Almudena Cathedral


The Most spectacular Crypt-Chapel in Spain


Located directly under the Cathedral and with the same dimension, it is The Most spectacular Crypt-Chapel in Spain. Constructed in a luminous net-romanesque style, the visitor feels sa though he has entered a grand and graceful Romanesque Church. The Crypt at Almudena has more than 400 columns, each with a unique capitel. There are 50 monolithic columns in the crossing alone, whose capitals bear images of the Virgin Mary, biblical figures, nature scenes, and even Madrid’s symbol of the Bear and the Madroño tree.



The crypt has 20 chapels with artwork from such distinguished Spanish sculptors as Mariano Benlliure, giving a harmony and balance to the whole crypt. The exterior façade of the crypt gives the sense of a medieval Romanesque church.

One of the treasures of the Crypt is the image of Our Lady of the Flor de Lis. Research suggests that it was commissioned by Kink Alfonso VI in AD 1083, making it one of the oldest images in all Madrid.

«El Cristo del Buen Camino» is a beautifully artistic processional cross from the 18 th Century that is much venerated today. The stained glass widows that illuminate the chapels are the work of Jules Pierre Maumejean, and represent some of the most beautiful work of this kind in Madrid.

We hope you will walk among the columns of the Almudena Crypt and enjoy the perfection of colors emanating from the stained glass windows. You will be surprised by beauty and silence that you behold.



Ópera Station (lines 2 and 5)

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3, 148

Madrid – Sol


From Monday to Sunday from 9:00 til 20:30 hrs. uninterruptedly.


The entrance to the Cathedral is free. We ask you for a donation of 1€ per person in order to solve the building’s maintenance needs and also for the payment of the services required.

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